Starlene Armor Pack 02

This was a fairly time consuming port, but I've been wanting to do another armor release for a while. I've had a few people speak to me about the first armor pack, so I'm happy to answer their request for another. o/

I was really nervous about the cape (lol), but that turned out better than I expected. It's definitely something I would have screwed up a few months ago (well, couldn't really do it this well without Joan's mod). Overall everything turned out pretty much as I imagined, which is good. It just took way longer than I imagined, despite not running into any issues. o_o'

I've been internally debating on whether I should apply new specular (shininess) textures to these instead of using the originals, since they're a bit too dim. Let me know what you think. o/


This contains 10 clothing items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Colorable? Yes.

Other details: Simple half states. The headdress, cape and loincloth have dynamic movement. It's worth noting that the bottom item (the belt) half state removes the sword from the sheath.

Download here.

Password: o34gh6djj52hb75


Some updates and Amy's outfit are up next, as well as a poll refresh.

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