Starlene Hair Pack 04

Another pack of hairstyles. These were a request from iluvmaids, and I think I'll keep adding on to this pack if I do more hairstyles he brought or may bring to me.

You could say it took me a couple of tries to starting working these models properly, so I'm happiest with the third/last one. Ironically, I went through the work of adding weighting (dynamic movement) to the first two hairstyles but the third one was so much work I felt a bit too worn out to add weighting to it too. But if you'd like some strands of that hairstyle to move too let me know in the comments and I'll try to slap myself into shape and finish it up.

Enjoy! \o/

This contains 12 hair items, details are in the readme.txt file.

Download it here.

Password: y79g8tyfwekyhbre

Update (21-04-2019): version 4.0: -  Added Mythra hairstyle.    
Update (25-04-2019): version 5.0: -  Added new Amy hairstyles.     
Update (12-07-2019): version 6.0: -  Added Gaze, Butterfly and Gloss hairstyles.    

Stocking card up tomorrow. New outfit in a day or two. o/

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