Starlight Key - Scene 12 Earth in a near future (Kav-adult themes)
Kav walked across the commissary floor of his ship carting a large box of odds and ends. He had a love hate relationship with that ship. It had seen him through many battles, but she was pretty much falling apart now and he spent more time fixing her than flying her anywhere.

This mess hall wasn’t the original one meant to serve thousands of soldiers. He Aeon and Nauhuel had built the smaller space on a lower deck that would accommodate a hundred at most. The walls were painted blue-gray, the floor was made to look like wood and the tables and chairs were made of metal and all recycled from the old mess hall so they were the ones with the least damage. It was a more intimate feel. If he had to say so himself, it was one of the nicer spots on the old ship now although he imagined it still lacked any of the finer graces, but then again, most of life lacked those things these days.

With his arms loaded up with boxes. He purposefully made no mention of the fact that when he walked in, he found Havana with her tongue down the Nahuel’s throat. He did however make a mental note of how incredible she looked in the black leather, skin tight catsuit.

“Glad to know you’ll be joining us, Havanah. Wouldn’t be an adventure without you.”

He moved in very close and exchanged an equally intimate kiss with the gorgeous raven haired temptress before continuing to a place he could set the boxes down.

“Glad to know you’ll be here too Nauhuel.” He added as an afterthought.

He moved behind a bar set up to serve food and set the boxes down. They were filled with cooking equipment primarily except that he knew somewhere, at the bottom no doubt, was a box of springs he could use to jimmie the latch on…

“I’m not with you.” Nauhuel spoke with a deceptive gentleness to his tone and moved around the bar top to the same side Kav was on picking through the junk from the boxes.

He didn’t look up or acknowledge his friend’s statement. He had to believe Nauhuel would want to come with them. They’d been best friends for too long and he just couldn’t imagine his life without him.

Havanah moved in behind Kav and wrapped one arm around his waist, pressing herself firmly against his back. From the corner of his eye he could see her stroking Nauhuel’s cheek.

“I have missed you, Havanah.” Kav confessed.

“Good lord woman, are you sure you aren’t Cassarian?” Nahuel joked just before she leaned over and began kissing him passionately.

“Yeah she just does a damn good job covering up the blue skin every day.” Kav excelled at dry, sarcastic wit.

“I’ve never met a Cassarian I’ve even liked. I don’t know why all you men go crazy for them.” She sounded genuinely slighted.

“Hmmm and I’ve never met a female of any species who ever liked a Cassarian.” Nauhuel laughed.

“If it’s just about the sex, I mean it’s not like they do it differently or anything.” She pulled away from both men and folded her arms across her chest.

“And you would know this how?” Nauhuel bated her.

“I’ve had sex with a Cassarian woman and while it was pleasant…”

Nauhuel choked so that if he’d been drinking, the liquid would have shot across the room. Kav dropped a rather large cast iron pot back into one of the boxes. It off balanced the box and the entire thing hit the ground splattering metal cookware, a few books and an entire can of black pepper across the floor.

“You’ve had sex with a Cassarian woman?” Nauhuel leaned in as if to hear her better and spoke slowly as if she’d somehow misspoken the first time.

“Well I’ve never been to the Cassarian home world and last I checked, their men weren’t allowed off it.” She shrugged. “I wanted to see what the fuss was about.”

“Good god woman, you never cease to amaze me.” Nahuel shook his head.

Kav had nothing of value to add to this conversation and thought better of throwing his acerbic wit in at this juncture. While he was always more than happy to share an evening with Havana, even if that included Nauhuel, he always considered the two to be a couple, in the most basic definition of the term.

“It is more their stamina I think then their technique, plus…” Nauhuel looked up, scanning the ceiling as if trying to find words. “Well, truthfully, you should ask Kav. He’s the only one I know with an ongoing relationship with one.”

Kav was bent over trying to pick up what he’d dropped. He stopped mid movement and straightened, shooting Nauhuel a look of death and not at all missing the spark of humor in the man’s dark eyes.

“I do not have a relationship with Arliegh. We’ve had sex… that’s hardly a relationship.”

He tossed the pots, pans and books back into the box and started rifling through the next one.

“I’m sure Arliegh’d tell it different.” Nahuel prodded him.

“Don’t start with me.” Kav held up one finger of warning.

He looked briefly at Havanah and caught a very similar spark of humor in her baby blues.

“Holy hell you two are made for each other.” He smiled and shook his head.

It really would be good to have her on board for more than just the fact she was one of the few women he knew, respected and fucked on a fairly regular basis. The fact that she also enjoyed the company of Nauhuel, well, honestly, that had never bothered him. In fact the three of them had…

“You need to stop.” He spoke politely and moved her hand which had begun running up his back, under his shirt. “I can’t concentrate when you do that. Its conjuring memories form that week we all spent on the Riviera on Kanvore 6.”

Nauhuel moaned.

Havanah merely smiled.

“And that’s a problem?” She turned to Nauhuel. “And what do you mean you’re not with us? It wouldn’t be right me, Kav, Aeon and no you. You’re coming and that’s all I’ll hear on the subject.” She bounced firmly on the balls of her feet in a rather adorable display of fierceness.

That was the thing Kav found most attractive about her. Yes she was designed by the creator himself for sex, but the fact that she could tear a man apart in one second with her bare hands and in the next be soft and innocent… it was a combination rarely found. He gave Nauhuel mad props for being able to handle it long term. He didn’t think he would do as good a job.

“I haven’t decided yet because Kav doesn’t even know where he’s going, or if for that matter of it. I’m no fool Havanah, I’ll wait and gage my odds.”

She exhaled sharply. “You’ll come. I know you’ll come.”

Nauhuel raised one brow and it was all Kav could do not to chuckle.

“Not like that!” She rolled her eyes then took a step closer to Nauhuel. “Although… if that convinces you, I’d be happy to…”

She didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence because Nauhuel pulled her body to his and was kissing her passionately enough that Kav started feeling aroused. He determined that for now, single minded focus was his best tool. Once they were all out of Earth’s atmosphere, then he’d have his fun, but for now, his main business was getting this ship, and whoever would be on board, off the ground and out of the solar system safely.

“Okay you two, cool down. This isn’t the time or place.” He sounded like his grandmother all of a sudden.

“Yes mom.” Nauhuel maneuvered Havana to his side and he draped his arm across her shoulders.

Kav tossed a soup pot at Nauhuel’s gut. Even if he’d made contact, it would have bounced off the unnaturally taught abs of his friend.

“Owe.” Nahuel whined then laughed as he caught the pot.

Nahuel had never been forthcoming about his genetics. Despite his human features, he wasn’t human. Yeah, he could have maybe passed for human if push came to shove, the markings over his skill, across his back and down his arms could be passed off for tribal tattoos of some sort, his skin tone was dark, but definitely within the human color spectrum, and his size was just outside the range of human, but not abnormally so. Still, he’d confided to both Kav and Aeon during the battle of white-witch that he wasn’t human and wasn’t from Earth. He hadn’t elaborated further, but the fact that he’d fought beside them like Earth had always been his home nonetheless had bonded their friendship and earned his undying respect.

“Okay Kavman, if anyone can get off this planet, it’s you and I know that, but last I checked, we were flat broke and getting this ship off the ground costs money, so say I put aside my misgivings about odds of success getting out without getting caught, there’s no currency.”

He seemed pretty sure of himself, but just then Kav found his springs and that sent a surge of confidence through him.

“Yes, but I have a plan for that.”

He moved around the two of them and headed for the door.

“And just what is that? If you don’t mind me asking.” Nauhuel asked earnestly.

Kav stopped at the door and looked back at his friend and smiled.

“I’m going to go steal from dear old dad of course.”