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From stellar nurseries a pulse of light

From far away and long ago, the dawn

Reaches to us to teach how stars are born

Freshly fledged starlings as they first take flight.

Though we can never know or reach those bright

Beginning stars, we see them being torn

From nebulas and time, through skies forlorn,

A swirling flock that glimmer through our night.

We ask ourselves, ah, what strange birds are these?

Whose wings can beat a message from so far

As starlight through the branches of our trees.

Photons cross years to tell us "Here we are!"

Illuminating new realities,

A flock of starlings from a distant star.

This is going to be the title poem for my new short story & poetry collection from Tachyon. The cover will be a design of starlings turning into stars. Isn't that great? 

I suggested the title and the cover thing a while ago, and they liked it, so I just wrote the sonnet to go with it.