The Start of Simulated Esports Leagues
Welcome to my patreon! This is where we will create fictional leagues in game to commentate and run. For those wondering, here's a list of the games that will have simulated esports leagues created for:

Unreal Tournament 2004 - FPS

NBA 2k18 - Sports

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round - Fighting (Re-cap Videos Only, Already Underway)

WWE 2k18 - Sports

And a list of potential future leagues:

FIFA (Any Version)

PES 18

Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers

Don Bradman Cricket 14

Football Manager 2016

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Now for some additional details on each league.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

This league is currently already under-way. The league system contains 3 divisions (Premier League, Division 2, & Division 3), with promotion and relegation between each division.

Rules for each division can be found on the toornament page for each.

Premier League:

Division 2:

Division 3:

A re-cap video will be made after each round of the divisions is complete and posted here on Patreon for all pledging members!

Unreal Tournament 2004

This league is currently under construction. The game will play multiple game modes which include: TDM, BR, DD, Assault, FD, JB, Onslaught, VFD, CTF, and TAM. Some of these game modes are mods (FD, JB, VFD, and TAM) and I am currently installing them in prep for play. Matches will be spectated and commentated on as much as possible. The toornament page for the league can be found here:

NBA 2k18

This will be your standard virtual basketball league commentated and run using the in-game client. The twist will be the use of the in game client to add 6 expansion teams, growing the league to 36 teams in total. All matches will be spectated and commentated on.

WWE 2k18

This will use multi stage long tournament formats to create both a King and Queen of the Ring. WWE Universe mode will be used to host the tournaments which will allow for extra plot twists and turns to alter the outcome of matches. Matches may or may not be spectated. It is undecided at this time if this league will be run producing commentary or re-cap video content.

Additional details for any leagues created hereafter will be announced on the Patreon. Please stay tuned for that and for future content!