The start of July, our anniversary

It's our 13th wedding anniversary. It's also the start of Rock month. By Rock, I mean Dwayne Johnson. I'm doing his eating and training programme for a month to jolt my system out of what has become a bit of a rut. Same habits, same levels of energy, same general existence. So I've decided to shake things up a bit.

I woke up at 5.40am, got my black coffee fix and read through the training and diet notes once again while waiting for the sun to come up here in Hilton. It's the middle of winter... so it's dark and it's cold.

Then I hit the tarmac. I don't have a gym contract or a treadmill, so out against the elements we go. Makes for some gritty workouts.

Back home and plunged down a bowl of oats and two boiled eggs, and then went into the storeroom where the weights are to "clang and bang".

Seeing as I had a day of relative freedom, I spent the morning preparing breakfast and cooking for the rest of the week. Most of the meals are well documented, but I'm taking this month's measurements from Mark, who has tried this whole endeavour before (albeit more extreme than what I'm doing). Still this is the rough plan:

Training (Mostly) Like The Rock

Monday – 25 minutes elliptical, Chest Workout
Tuesday – 25 minutes elliptical, Legs Workout
Wednesday – 25 minutes elliptical, Arms/Abs Workout
Thursday – 25 minutes elliptical, Back Workout
Friday – 25 minutes elliptical, Shoulders Workout

Eating (Mostly) Like The Rock

Wakeup: 2 hard-boiled eggs. 1 cup oatmeal
Post-Workout Breakfast: 12oz sweet potato, 10 egg white omelet with a cup of red peppers
Lunch (First): 2 cups white rice, 8 oz chicken breast, cup of broccoli
Lunch (Second): 2 cups white rice, 8 oz chicken breast, cup of broccoli
Dinner: 8 oz steak, 12oz potato, spinach salad
Pre-bedtime: 2 scoops Naked Casein Protein, 5g creatine

Nutrition: Calories 3579, Carbs 451.4g, Fat 58.5g, Saturated Fat 17.7g, Protein 294g

Still, by the time you've cooked and prepped all this food - it's a workout in itself.

I re-organised the fridges with my father-in-law (I keep my pre-cooked meals in the outside fridge) and spent the afternoon working on my several business ventures - a costume hire business for one, the wedding industry, live gigs and my role as a teacher and co-ordinator - all of which need a lot of attention.

That's the other reason I'm doing this, is to see if I can work harder and stay more disciplined. No alcohol, no snacks - just this meal plan, exercises and a month of high productivity is the goal.

So I rounded out the day with date night with my beautiful wife. She really is something else. We had some important conversation about where life has been and where it's heading, and did a stock take on how to go about it. So here we go...

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