The start of a Lobster
I just finished a commission and am currently adding the finishing, protective layers.  I can't wait to show you that one.  It's more complex and I took lots of video of the process.  My customer is giving it to someone as a gift, so I have to wait until the receiver gets it.  

Commissions can be taxing on my brain.  I want the customer to happy so I have an increase anxiety level as I work on them.  Now that's its done and approved (yay!), I need to do something easy and not too complex.  Something that doesn't require any special words or images.  Something I can put "whatever" into.   

Which leads me to this lobster.  Each year, my husband and I have lobster around the holidays.  It's become a tradition.  So considering its January and not lobster season,  that's the inspiration for this one.  (ooo, I don't know, is it?  I live in Ohio.  There are no lobsters in Lake Erie.  I'm just assuming that since its cold, it would not be lobster season.  I'll have to look into that).