The start of a new album
Starting a new album is not always an easy process. Sometimes it's trying to find the motivation. Sometimes it's trying to find the inspiration. Sometimes it's trying to remind yourself that you're not creating for others, but for your own enjoyment. Sometimes it's all three.

This time around, it's actually more like, 'what should this album sound like?" and not being able to figure that out. So, instead of being paralyzed by not knowing the answer to that question and delaying the start of a new album because of that paralysis, I just decided to kick myself in the ass, just start writing, and let the album decide what it's going to sound like. 

This could lead to an album with a whole lot of disparate styles and sounds, kind of like Hourglass. I essentially wrote the entirety of Hourglass in about 2 weeks and the styles and sounds were all over the place. (insane deadlines by necessity are a fantastic motivator!) While I'm definitely not going to do that insane schedule this time around, (planned June release) I think just letting the creativity flow and see where it takes me is the plan. Who knows, maybe this ends up having an unplanned cohesion...

So, all that said, thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope you enjoy the ride just as much as I do!