The Start of Something New

Welcome to the Land of ?

Why does this land have no name? Because we need the help of our citizens and council to determine the best name for this land.

We thank you for visiting our land and hope you enjoy your stay. For now, that is all I can tell you. 

Now, let's talk about taxes.

For the low tax of $1.00 a month, you will receive access to our weekly news. In addition, you will be honored with your name on our acknowledgments board - acknowledgment page in the book.

We are always looking for more citizens in our lands. Would this be of interest for you? 

Our citizen tax is a low price of $10.00(lower taxes for first 5 citizens) monthly. For this, citizens receive all visitor rewards. As well as,

  • Our Citizens Voting Ballots -- With these, they can help us to determine the names of people and places in our society. 
  • Access to the most intriguing technology. A pdf copy of all books when published(must be a citizen at the time of publishing).

Good News!

You have been voted to our council, this gives for more input into the decisions for our lands. Our council votes on:

  • Laws
  • Race/Class Divisions
  • Conflict Resolutions
  • More

The choice is yours. This will mean a monthly tax of $20.00(lower tax for first council member). Do you accept?

What I will give on September 4, 2015: 

The very first Weekly News - as a free creator post. 

Voting Ballot - Let's Name Our Land.

I will need at least one voting citizen to move forward from there. Will you be my first?