The start of something new...
Everyone's been asking for years, since the first Ten caricature I did, "What about Martha? When are you going to do something with her?" Well, it took a while, but I decided to bring Martha in for the first piece in what is going to be an ongoing series this year! This series will feature some of your favorite characters (not just from Doctor Who, it will feature multiple franchises and fandoms!) enjoying fun in a large theme park setting. To avoid legal action, it's not a specific park, know. ;)

So here are Martha and Ten, enjoying a lovely pineapple flavored ice cream treat in a tiki setting! :)

As for what to expect next month? Here's a hint - very small cars, all shiny and chrome. ;)

Here's where I need your help - this ongoing series needs a name! A catchy title! I need suggestions! Any ideas?