Start Your World Vegan Month at Wildflower Vegan Cafe
Food for Thought in Liberation Dinner Slideshow

Where: Wildflower Vegan Cafe, Village on High, Millville, NJ. 856.265.7955
When: 4 p.m. on Saturday 5 November 2016
What To Do: Eat healthful, hearty vegan food and engage your critical thinking skills at Wildflower on the first Saturday in November, as On Their Own Terms: Animal Liberation for the 21st Century author Lee Hall facilitates a
slideshow and dinner conversation on Cuteness and Memes in Animal Advocacy.

We’ve all seen “Why eat one and love the other” images. Indeed, why do we eat this chicken yet love this cat? Then again, does setting the ideal in “loving” animals
compromise nonhuman dignity? What can other social movements teach us about these idealized images?

Eric Nyman, owner of Wildflower Vegan Café, said, “Our business is nurturing bodies and minds. We’re excited to open November, which has traditionally been World Vegan Month, by offering space for Lee’s work on memes—inviting advocates and the public to consider how feel-good imagery might endorse exploitation.”

Event sponsored by Wildflower Vegan Café, and patrons of the art of animal liberation.