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In this comic, a person is riding a bicycle into the wind, surrounded by images of a joyful dragon. Text reads:

"Biking reminds me of flying

My wings are enveloped

By the freeing wind."

Notes: This is the kind of simple pleasure that makes us who we are.

Thanks to a couple of dragons: to Kistaro Windrider, for the analogy

comparing the experience of bike riding to flying, and permission to use

this idea for a strip; and to Baxil, who helped edit my writing so that

it wouldn't sound like haiku by Yoda. Thanks also to all my friends for

their overwhelming approval and support... You've helped this comic

come to be. You all rock! :)

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Available translations of the above comic:

Portuguese translation.
Russian translation.


The reboot of Theri There has finally begun! I've started building the new archive site for my comic about therianthropes and otherkin. I started the comic in 2005, and ran for a few years. I took down its old site because I wasn't satisfied with it. The new site will be much better, and will include accessible transcripts, as well as translations of the comic into Portuguese and Russian, which were provided by the comic's fans. (Thanks, folks! You make this so much cooler!) You can see the first (and currently only) rebooted page of the comic here in this post, and also at its new site, over here. Folks, I'm terribly sorry about how long you had to wait for me to start rebuilding this archive. I had no idea that it was going to take me this long. Hopefully, you'll be happy enough to see it back, that you won't mind how long it took me!

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