Started working on a new project
Armok Vision is working pretty stably right now, and the next thing that I would need to add into there to make things more complete is properly rendered Dwarves, and other creatures of your fortress.

But since AV is starting to wear on me, a little, I've decided to change track a bit, and work on another little utility for a short while. 

I'm calling it Dwarf Portrait.

This will be a program that can select any dwarf or creature in your fort, and show as much info about it as it can, including, most importantly, a generated picture of the selected unit, including facial features, injuries, clothing, etc.

That's a bit a ways away, still. Right now, it only shows what I was already sending to Armok Vision, which is pretty much just name, race, profession color, and a bunch of internal flags that are used to keep track of various status effects, like being dead.