One important thing to tie yourself to, when starting, is a 'why'. If you don't have a reason for what you're doing, if you have no purposeful end to it, why start? Why? My burning obsession was, and still is, to be great and to do great things. My best personal medium, or the most satisfying, to me, is music. Things can be done nowadays, to manipulate sounds In a way they've never been sculpted before. It's easier than ever to become a sound designer, not that it's easy, of course. Which brings me back to my point. Starting is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do. Starting requires conscious effort and a constant drive to be better, to give more, to be more. It requires the patience to test your theories out and figure out, from your experiments, what really works. The hardest thing I ever did was start, and like many greats before me, I started alone. I started with no friends, no job and a sliver of hope. I have a very comfortable job now, I have more belief and more possibilities opening up to me daily, than I ever thought I would have. I still have no friends, but I choose to walk alone now. Not because I am anti-social, not because I dislike people, but because if I don't focus my attention on what I want and how to get it, I'll never get there. Unfortunately friends offer us a unique thing, it is their opinion. Spend long enough with anyone who calls themselves "friend" and they can end up discouraging you with negative and limiting beliefs. Despite everything good it gives you, friendship is a killer, of ambition. If you're negative, if you don't set goals or targets, if you aren't trying your best everyday and if someone else is there with you, doing exactly the same, it seems acceptable. When we have no friends to blame, and trust me, everybody blames a friend for something. When there is nobody else around "responsible" for us, except ourselves, we begin to realise WE are at fault for all the failings and disappointments in our lives. Nobody else holds you down and makes you do nothing, nobody else keeps you where you are, except you, and unfortunately (again) friends can lead us to associate differently and forget the vast array of possibilities open to us. We get friends, to feel comfortable, that we're loved, then we do nothing with them, but talk for long periods of time and although satisfying, it is not conducive or necessarily productive. Being alone teaches you to have truer confidence in yourself and your abilities. It laser-guides your focus. Other people's energies can affect us and if they aren't harmonious with our own goals, they can disempower us. Ever had somebody nervous come up to you when you were fine and then they screw you up, too? They aren't sure of themselves and suddenly, they make you unsure too. If they don't know what'll satisfy them, how can you? Get to know people from a distance. This way you can observe their behaviour, their character and what they're likely to respond to, without knowing all their troubles. You don't need to know them straight away, just get an idea of their character. Observe their behaviour patterns and you'll know them, without knowing a thing about them. Remember that it is simple. Living your dream, doing all that you want to, is simple. People say, it can't be so easy. Well, it isn't easy, but it is simple. Start, it doesn't matter how many times life clocks you in the jaw, you get right back up and say "is that all you got?" And if you still feel discouraged at all, think of life as a game. In this specific game, you can get hurt by failure, but you can never die. You're an immortal, but you can feel pain. If you happened to know then, that you had to go through a lot of pain, but you could live your dream, without dying, would you go through all the pain or live eternally in misery and defeat.