Starting the Game

Welcome to players, both returning and new in general to the final chapter of BEN Drowned.

New and Returning Players: 

The final chapter of the BEN Drowned story is being told through YouTube videos, audio engineering, digital archeology, and some other surprises along the way. As we progress, the significance of some data points may not be readily apparent - that is normal. In keeping true to one of the reoccurring themes of Awakening, there will be times when older entries have a significance that is only brought to light after new information has emerged. The content itself may not have changed, but rather, new context will have given it new meaning. 

This may be a lot of information to process for returning players, but there are plenty of tools in place created by the community to assist. When catching up, it's best to start simple - feel free to join the discord of the ARG and ask for clarification. You don't need to have a complete understanding of previous events immediately to start playing, others will be able to clue you in as you go along. Most of the bigger events are summarized here in the Patreon as the story progresses.

If you want to get more in depth - Here is a Google Doc, created by the fans, of the timeline of the story so far.  In addition, you can also look into the fan wiki here.

This is a slower, more psychological approach than the original story - the timeline for this is much longer than the original story. Due to some of the psychological themes it explores, it's recommended for participants to be 18+. 

Patreon is 100% optional 

It is important to reiterate that this is a way to show support if you enjoyed the original BEN Drowned story or are enjoying Awakening. Patrons here are not given any kind of unique information or "advantage" to anyone else. Becoming a patron will not accelerate the release of content, nor is a certain threshold required to be met for the story to conclude. The goal of this page is to provide a way for users to support the work, should they be so inclined. There are unique benefits to being a patron that will be reflected in the story some time later, tier depending, but they are not required to get the full experience of the story. An apt way to compare it would be akin to receiving a cosmetic item in a game like League of Legends - it confers no actual "gameplay" advantages.  

Additional Information

Timeline wise, every three days the story will progress forward. This is intentional. 

Although the author's discord can be found here, and although that seems to be the main place that theorists congregate there is no official discord for discussion and theories. No unique information will ever be posted there, so users are not missing out by opting for a different server. The reason for this is to not monopolize the discussion area, but rather to encourage organic communities to be created.

Finally, to prevent gamejacking, links to any external websites to progress the story will come only from either the Jadusable Youtube account , the author's Twitter account, or this Patreon account. There will be a clear path to identifying the sources of information - as for the information itself, that may prove to be a little trickier. This is to reduce confusion and save time of meticulously combing through other unrelated endeavors that the author has done since. At some point, another platform will be introduced that will be canonical to the story, and this post will be updated to reflect that. 

And as always, good luck. Enjoy the story.