Starting in April
Monday Advanced Healers Group Co-Ed - 6 to 8
ITS BACK!!! This is our original Reiki 2 and Up group! People used to look forward to level two just to get into this group…
We have no itinerary each week we just get together, practice doing readings, practice healing ourselves, I call in our higher selves and I channel them as a collective to teach a lesson that I don’t even know anything about. I answer questions about your spiritual development and Self Healing practice.

Class is 50 dollars - capped at 20 in person and 10 Online (tier 4 cannot use their 96 dollar a month credit toward this class nor can tier 3 use their 25 dollar credit)

Wednesday Night Meditation and Readings for students!
With Monday nights starting back up we will be taking Wednesdays back to what they were prior to the Soul house eight week series. We will meet at 6 o’clock and I will hold space while we are all in silence so that you can journal, reflect, meditate, Pull some angel cards and give yourself a reading, or even just socialize with other like-minded people outside. 630 meditation will begin and at 7:30 we will randomly pull peoples names and I will channel/do a reading for those individuals however the readings always help the entire group not just the person asking the question
During the meditation and I do a healing on every single attendee online and in person and on certain weeks out of the month hubby scrubby/wife cleansing and house clearing will be offered for $15 each which is amazing since I charge $250-$400 for what you’re getting.

Wednesday 6-6:30 (space holding for self reflection)
Guided meditation and healing from 7-8
Channeled Messages, mediumship readings, psychic readings, etc for randomly chosen students from 8-9.

$30 (tier 4 can use their 29 dollar a week credit on these classes - tier 3 can not use their 25 dollar credit on these, only workshops and readings/healing with the staff Spiritual Intuitive Healers and mediums)

SUNDAY Ask Jesus SERVICE with Joe and Meditation and Healing with Marisa
$22 dollars - ONLINE ONLY - (may start doing in person in June when we have a larger space)
11-11:45 Joe reads a lesson from Ask Jesus marisa Channels the guides in relation to lesson
11:45-12:30 Meditation and Healing with Marisa

FRIDAY DAY TIME GROUP!! (For all the STAY AT HOME PARENTS AND OTHER NON NIGHT OWLS!) $25 / $15 per kiddo (40 total for you and your child or 25 for Just you)
Group Meditation and spiritual development group - Get cleansed and cleared before a long FUN FULLED (aka Chaotic) weekend with the spouse and kids! Receive amazing tools to use at home, on yourself, your family.
FOR THE TIME BEING - Once a month we will have daycare for the little kids! Kids over 6 will do snow globe meditation and color their snow globes so that you can heal them!

(* in the future will offer little kiddo care on the friday Day Time group’s (for under 6 years old) but won’t be available until we move into a larger space)

(no one will be turned away due to lack of funds so please inquire with [email protected] if you need to apply for scholarship money from Patreon pledges or need payment plan. I always check with your higher self to see what they say and based off their recommendation will grant discount, assistance, trade, or scholarship.)