Starting June 1st: Monthly Request Feature!
Starting June 1st: Monthly Request Feature! Anyone who is in the $1 Patron tier will be able to enter the requests pool. There will be a pool post for Wallpaper, Illustration, and Fan Art. I will choose one request from each pool every month. //How do Requests Work? On the 1st of every month I’ll put three activity posts visible only to $1+ Patrons. 1 post each for wallpaper, illustration, and fanart of the month. Comment on these post with your request. You get one for each post. Requests will be open until the 15th of the month, at which point I will choose a request and fulfill them by the end of the month. Winner of each request pool will be hand-picked. I’ll try to choose between a variety of themes to keep things interesting, and I’ll also try to pick different people, so that hopefully everyone will get a turn. If there aren't any requests, I'll do an idea that wasn't chosen the previous month. //Here are the rules! 1. Requests can be suggestive (sexy poses, kissing/touching, skimpy costumes) but they need to have no actual nudity or sexual contact. 2. Requests need to have up to two characters max. 3. Requests for Illustrations and Wallpapers will be for original/generic characters. So you can pick any of my original characters from Lavender Legend, Emerald Winter, Guardians of Gezuriya, Thorn Prince, etc. Examples would be “draw Lavender in a sexy swimsuit.” Or you can choose a “generic” idea like “elf girl riding on a dragon,” “cute boy in a magical girl style costume,” “cute anthormorphic deer girl” etc. 4. Requests for fanart can be from any fandom whether it's TV, movies, books, video games, anime, etc. 5. You can request I draw your OC as long as you have a visual reference, but if I fulfill the request, I reserve the right to sell prints of the image. So please keep that in mind. 6. If your request isn’t picked, you can try again with the same idea next month. All rights to the image will still belong to me, and I’ll choose to sell prints of it at conventions if I want to do that later. //Things I won’t draw: >> Kinks like giantess, breast expansion, or vore. >> Characters being hurt/abused >> Real life people >> Anything too offensive or against my views, such as a racist/misogynist/homophobic/transphobic/body-shaming and so on. If I turn down your idea for any of these reasons, you can have another request that month, no problem. But in general, I'm pretty open towards ideas so please don't be afraid to submit yours! Have fun with your requests!
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