Starting a new watercolor bird

Hello my friends!

I hope you are all doing well. I'm feeling much better, last week I had a cold but it only lingered until about Tuesday this week. Keeping a watch on things and taking my temperature just to make sure it's not Covid 19. 

Still plugging away on writing intros for all the possible dreams I am including in the book. It's interesting because it's not as easy as it started out. Now it seems difficult because Not only are there repeated themes among some but also I didn't want to approach this like an autobiography. What I mean by that is I didn't want to tell my whole life story, just enough to give some context for what I think is going on in the dream. Turns out there's more to say for clarity sake than I thought. 

On the painting and drawing front I started tinkering with the Birdwhisperer owl for this month and I think I like where this is going. I looked up what kind of owl it is, its called a Boobook and it's from Australia. Even it's name is adorable!

As you can see in the top picture I came to a nice enough composition to start with. 

Then I traced down the important stuff from my thumbnail to make the proportions easier. 

Then I started refining some of the details. Check out my shiny new iris compass! With the stimulus check I decided to use some of it to nab this pretty thing. For over a year I wanted one but it was just a little too expensive to outright buy. It is just a compass, right? 

It's really nice, a little stiff but its cool not to have to put a hole in my paper all the time!

I'm still working on drawing it out and choosing shapes to roll with. I'm enjoying it!

Next week I'll let you know how it turns out!

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