Starting over!
Hey everyone!

As you have noticed, I haven't been very active these past months. I had a lot of personal issues to deal with, and that hindered my ability to draw. I haven't been able to hold all the promises I made on this page and I feel terribly sorry for it. Thank you everyone who kept supporting me during these difficult time.

But I am now ready to start over on a sounder basis. 

I updated the tiers with more realistic rewards. I'm finally following a healthier schedule, so you can expect new posts several times a week. I'm gonna start posting my WIPs directly in here on early access, instead of posting them on Twitter.  I'll also hold a special stream once a month. Everyone will be able to watch it, but patrons have the control and will be allowed to make drawing requests. (If you can't attend the stream, i'll make a post here for patrons to submit requests)

That's all for the new stuff for now! Your support means everything for me and I'll never be able to repay you enough. Thank you.