Starting to Thrive
I am feeling great on day two and I havent taken any of my supplements. Still havent had a shake saving that for a weekday! DFT patch still on and getting ready to take my daily vitamins. My body does not ache and I do not feel sluggish. I feel good. Not energized but not run down!! It's the first diet plan of any kind that I actually believed in enough to spend any money on! And I feel great! I am hoping this continues and is not just a beginners high! <3 I will keep you informed about my journey. I usually drag and these last two days.. not at all!  My sweet animals have all been great Emma Lizard has decided spring is here and came out of hibernation. Baby Robin is not so baby anymore! Such a handsome young bird! And my old man Clyde is still snoring and farting away! Life is good! I treasure these moments!
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