Starting the year off right! With... Urns?
Greetings friends!! Thank you for stickin with me!! You have no idea how much this blows me away. I've started working on a series of small URN paintings! This is inspired by a fundraiser I'm doing with the band URN. (Details coming soon) but I will have lots of new urn pieces, and some of them want to leak *OUT* of the fundraiser and into my patreon. I'm focusing on a consistent simple subject but letting myself go wild with style and media here. (Yes, my creative brain is schitzo, but I'm having a blast!) I'll be sharing more images soon, and it will be a first come first serve buffet for those at the $40 and up tier. (After I create my first batch of 12-15 pieces. I've got 9 so far!) I will however, create some tiny urn pieces for the lower tiers! Urns Urns everywhere!! Please let me know what you think. What would you like to see in one of these Urn pieces?