Starwarrior/Darkmatter OC - Satin/Vivian
This is a commission for my reader Artemis who got this Starwarrior/Darkmatter drawing!  

This is a custom Starwarrior/Darkmatter and notes you would get if you take the "Arcane Starwarrior" tier on Patreon, or both if you take a Dark Matter tier!

 Ezmeralda's Notes:

"Satin died... of very sad reasons. I'm sure it can be hard to live on when you lose the one thing you cared for most. She has the power to influence the heart of others, which makes all the other Starwarriors concerned...

Satin will be added to the Virgula faction."

Gaia's Notes:

"She's fine, moving on."

Anthrax's Notes:

Speed: Poor
Power: Possibly Devastating
Stigma: High

"It's unfortunate..."

Weaver's "Notes:"
"Her dress is super nice! And she seems to like my phone too! I think we'll be good friends."

Whispers of the Dark Lord:
"How sad of the Starwarriors to chastise you for the way you have died... hearts can grow weak and frail over time."

"Feel free to show them  the truth of this and rip those heart wide open, bear their true nature for all to see."