State of the Biffaverse!
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Hello all, 

I wanted to update you all on things that have been going on and exciting things that are coming up. First of all:


This is a question asked quiet a lot by my long time viewers. The past few months have been up and down for me personally, with my own health and the health of my Dad. Games such as Minecraft take a lot of time to record a decent video (people are no longer happy with a sit-down-and-record-30-straight-minutes video). So time is needed to make a good Minecraft video and time has been lacking in my life for a while.

But, the good news, things have settled down and as many of you know i have started up Minecraft again. This has initially been a Modpack LP on my BiffaPlays channel ( the new home of Minecraft for me) but will soon include more!


This question has been asked in various, probably in slightly less dramatic,  ways but  boils down to this. As much as I still love Minecraft I love my family more. I have to view my YouTube channel as seriously as I would any job that pays my bills and supports my families. So this means making tough decisions and sometimes changes for the overall good.

For as many HUGE Minecraft channels out there that will likely be around until Minecraft dies, there are also 1000's of channels that have concentrated on one game only and died.

Fact: I won't be able to play one game forever!

Fact: The Minecraft audience generally doesn't want to watch anything but Minecraft, Minecraft & more Minecraft.

So things had to change. It's taken me 2 years of very hard work to  grow an audience happy to see other games on my channel,  this has grown my channel in a few months more that Minecraft has done in the past few years.

This makes my channel more financially stable as a job which supports my family and it makes me happier to be able to  play/review/record other new things too and keep things fresh and moving forward.

But I will still want to play Minecraft. I've now given myself the challenge to grow BiffaPlays ( to be as fantastic a community for Minecraft content as my first channel was. 

I can only do that with you, so please check it out :-)


HermitCraft Season 5 is coming, will I be joining? YES! Videos will be on BiffaPlays. Not much more I can say but plans are afoot :-)


They are still going, but as usual people join, play like mad-people for 5 months, do everything, then leave...which means we then end up resetting.

A reset it due on the BiffaTech (modded) server anyway, but as I want to join and play too there didn't seem to be much point in doing it the past couple months for the reasons explained above. We've been discussing in the Discord server what our next pack will be, so join there Patrons (it's free!) if you want more details.

BiffaCraft will also be updated to the newest version as soon as it's available.

I do understand that interest in these servers is commensurate (there's a big word for early in the morning!) with how much Minecraft I personally play on YouTube and how many appearances I personally have on the servers. I will be doing my best to increase these over the next weeks & months as discussed above.


I want to thank each and every one of you for sticking around. I know I've been a bit neglectful, but hopefully you can forgive me in light of what's been going on. My Dad's still got an upcoming serious operation, I'll let you all know how thing's are going on Discord.

I'm excited to grow BiffaPlays ( into my new Minecraft home, very excited for the return of HermitCraft and extremely excited to be a part of an AMAZING community which includes YOU.

YOU (you, the one reading this) have enabled me to support my family. This is the most important thing for me. Family is everything and most Dad's & Mum's will agree we will do anything to make sure our families are taken care of.

I'm lucky enough to have this amazing job to do that and YOU are a part of this.

THANK YOU  <3 :-)