The State of "Baby"
Baby-watch  is in full swing. It could happen at any moment or she could hang out for another week or two. Baby's do not care for schedules.

However, in a mad rush to prepare, I've drafted all my posts for Patreon for August (alas, scheduled posts when will you happen!?) as my attempt to get things to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. If things are late, there is a very REAL possibility that Baby is happening.

As for my health and well being... well I'm battling the least serious, incredibly persistent, horribly annoying summer cold. Ugg. And I'm not allowed the good drugs. Or alcohol. So I'm slogging through on lemon tea and honey and LOTS of tissues. Also, pregnancy carpal tunnel is real y'all and I had no idea this was a thing! So drawing has become a short burst type deal. LUCKILY, that's supposed to go away completely once giving birth. Hopefully.

All in all, I'm trying to be "good" on my maternity leave. So I'm watching a lot of Netflix and playing Etrian Odyssey (Untold 2 because I'm a huge dork for this series).Things I have watched/watching recently: The Great British Bake Off, Death Comes to Pemberley,  West Wing (ugg slowly getting through season 5), and just started Marvel's Agents of Shield (OMG it's like a Firefly, Men in Black, and Dark Angel love child! Why it took me so long to watch it I'll never know!).I'm all for more suggestions. One can never have too much in one's queue. 

And that right there my friends is self-induced cabin fever ramblings at it's finest. :)