State of the Channel (Aug. 2016) || Animethon Meetup + Tentative Schedule
Today's updates!

- Convention: Animethon 23 in Edmonton, AB (Aug. 5th-7th)
- Meetup: Sunday, August 7th @ 11:30 PM -- MacEwan University stone bleachers, just east of 104th Ave. & 107th St. entrance

- Tentative new schedule (not too strict; release days may vary slightly):

SUN -- Let’s Try
MON -- LLSS Vlog
TUE -- Break
WED -- Break (extra vid if time?)
THUR -- Idolocke
FRI -- Patreon Series
SAT -- Break (recording day)

- One-offs like scouting vids or μ'sFLASH! will come out whenever I have time.

- Next guide video most likely will be the ELI Method? Not sure, but will be doing 4.0 tests during the next JP event.