State of the Gazette - November 2016
The Gazette has lost a patron, so we are not doing another political cartoon for November, as we have dropped below the goal. We do still have the usual assortment of delights, though!
  • Rhapsody Fan Chat will be on Friday, 11 November @ 17:00-21:00 EDT. (What time is that?) Watch here or on Tumblr for the link to join us, when the time comes.
  • 1 shortfic!
  • 1 'Ask Lord Dog'!
  • 2 Artist's Choice Pinups +1 for the Secret Companion!
  • The Monthly Food Gallery!
  • 1 cat photo!

If you haven't sent your requests for Artist's Choice, Shorts, or Ask Lord Dog, please do so soon! Also, the poll is now up for the December Fan Chat, so go let us know when you'd like that to be.

Events are listed on our calendar of events, where you can see the regular, recurring content post times and special events! (Things that involve patrons actually telling us what they want will show up fairly randomly throughout the month, as we hear from people. *laughs*)


  • Current pledges: $118.75 per month 
  • At $125: Mav will draw a political cartoon once a month, set in the Rhapsody universe. If you like the Hawkes in tutus, you'll enjoy this.
  • At $150: Penbrydd's willing to make a real, honest to god cookbook out of stuff you've seen in the food photos posts, and it will be released to the general public, in PDF form.
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