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Hello, beloved readers!

I recently read a Twitter thread about what someone likes to see on a Patreon that got me thinking. They wrote a lot about wanting to support the creator, often for their off-Patreon work, not necessarily for special perks or extra fiction (in the case of writers).

I'm wondering if the same thing applies to a lot of you--both my current supporters and those who might be interested in supporting me in the future (since I'm making this a public post in hopes of more feedback).

I originally created this Patreon as a way to get prompted and paid for writing short stories. I'd tried other ways of doing so without much success. I thought the once-monthly schedule would work better than one thing I previously did, Garden of Prose, in which I collected many prompts at once and then tried to write many stories quickly. This schedule does work for me--but maybe the whole structure doesn't work for you readers.

I rarely get prompts anymore, and it's been months since someone commented on a story. Don't feel guilty for not commenting! I know everyone is busy. But I'm taking it as a sign that the stories are not what you're here for.

I hugely appreciate anyone who supports this Patreon. But honestly, I'm busy, and I'm also currently pregnant, with fatigue to go along with it--not to mention that I will probably have even less time to write once the baby is born. Keeping up with the monthly short stories is work.

If that work is what my patrons appreciate, then I'm happy to keep up with it, because it's fun work! But if you'd appreciate something else more, then I'd like to know what that is, and maybe I can start doing that instead.

Here are some thoughts I have:

- Blog-type posts about my writing process--I'm sure I could write at least a few things about how the process of writing Chatoyant College has changed over the years, and I'm planning to do NaNoWriMo in November, so it might be fun to write some blog posts about that

- Blog-type posts about Chatoyant College, how I came up with certain ideas, things like that

- Missing scenes and other background to Chatoyant College--I actually have a few of those in the pipeline already

- Early access to the new chapters of Chatoyant College

Would you be interested in any of those things? Do you have any other ideas about what you'd like to see on my Patreon? Do you just want to keep quietly supporting me without bothering to read anything extra? Please let me know in the comments!

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