State of the Patreon: 5/5/19

Hello Patrons! Today marks the first week of our Patreon going live, so I wanted to give you guys all an update on our progress and future plans for the Patreon and the podcast! Most of these State of the Patreon posts will be exclusive to Patrons, but I'm making this first post public so all of our fans can be in the loop for what they can look forward to in the next couple of months! ^^


First of all, I really want to thank our first two Patrons, Aidan and Rudolf, for your support! Thanks to you guys we're now able to pay for our monthly hosting costs, and we couldn't be more grateful. Our Patreon was made to cover all the expenses we incur to make the show happen and fund future projects, and paying off our hosting costs was the first step in making the show financially self-sufficient! 

We've both been enthusiastic about our success so far and have brainstormed all sorts of new ideas for content we want to make for the Patreon. Of course, we're already planning to release a ton of content on the public Manga Mavericks feed in the next couple of months! In case you didn't see the tweet we posted earlier, we're recording interviews with manga industry guests all month long! Here's the breakdown of our May schedule:

Monday, 5/5/19: EP. 86: The History of Yuri w/Erica Friedman (Yuri Scholar)
Friday, 5/10/19: EP. 87: Ghost Hog w/Joey Weiser (Comic Book Artist)
Friday, 5/17/19: EP. 88: David Brothers Interview (Viz Media Editor)
Friday, 5/24/19: EP. 89: Dr. Mari Morimoto Interview (Translator)
Friday, 5/31/19: EP. 90: Caleb Cook Interview (Translator)

Exciting, right? We've already recorded three of the five interviews and you won't have to wait long to listen to them! In fact, our interview with Joey Weiser  is already up early for all Patrons, and our interview with Erica will be out tomorrow! All of our interviews and lengthy and go in-depth into our guests' careers, fandom, and topics they're passionate about. These interviews have been some of my favorite podcasts to record, and I'm really grateful for Erica, Joey, David, Mari, and Caleb for taking time to talk with us and sharing their stories! If you want to learn more about the history of manga fandom and what it's like to work in the industry they are especially informative and absolute must-listens!


On the subject of the Patreon-exclusive content, we've decided to do a bit of restructuring to better fit the size we are now. As you now, we were going to decide the Bonus Pods and the monthly @ Movies episode based on polls our Patrons voted on. The polls have been up for a week, and the results are in...and well, with only two of you guys so far we're unsurprisingly got a tie in the Bonus Pod poll. ^^,

As such, we've decided to retool the tiers and our Bonus pod plans. While we both really like the idea of Patrons voting for the podcasts they want us to make for them, it's not feasible to do it democratically until more people join. We're retiring the voting-based idea until we receive more than ten Patrons, but until then, the Bonus Pod is going to be predetermined. HOWEVER, we plan to honor the results of the May poll by doing both That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha AND The History of Manga Magazines as bonus pods! They'll be spaced out a bit since our recording schedule is tight in these next couple of months, but rest assured, we will make both!

Additionally, we've decided to give ourselves a bit of a break in terms of recording additional content this summer, so for the months of June, July, and August we're going to be releasing some already-recorded @ Movies episodes as the Bonus pods, all of which being films we know fans have wanted us to talk about. First up will be Alita: Battle Angel since it won the @ Movies poll, and following it will be our episodes on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Dragon Ball Super: Broly! All these podcasts are lengthy and in-depth discussions of the films, so you'll be getting plenty of hours of additional content to listen to while you chill out this summer!

So, here's what our Bonus Podcast plans look like for the next couple of months:

May: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha
June: Alita: Battle Angel
July: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
August: Dragon Ball Super: Broly
September: The History of Manga Magazines

Expect the Bonus pods to come out on the last day of the month! That'll give us plenty of flexibility to schedule, record, and edit the shows alongside the main feed podcasts.

We'll see where our Patreon is at after September and whether we want to reinstate the voting idea, but if we don't bring it back, we're considering starting up a regular series for the Patreon bonus pods. We're leaning towards doing more episodes on cancelled Shonen Jump series, but other idea we've floated around are a read-through of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or even just reviewing the first volumes of new manga releases that come out that month. It's still a ways off before we have to decide on anything definite, but rest assured we've got LOTS of ideas for the show - we just need to find the time to record and edit them all! Which is what the Patreon and you guys are here to help us do, after all. ;)


As far as other changes to the Patreon go, because we're no longer doing the voting thing the $20 tier has been rehauled. Now, instead of just nominating topics for us to do, you'll be able to straight-up COMMISSION us to make the podcast for the same price! That's right - pledge us $20 for a month and we'll make any podcast on any topic of your choosing. Naturally, this deal is going to be limited by demand, so if we suddenly have too much interest in it we'll adjust accordingly so as not to be swamped in requests. But I thought this would be a great incentive, especially early on in our Patreon, since I know there's a lot of topics our fans have wanted us to talk about over the years we haven't gotten a chance to yet and weren't selected in this year's survey. So if you want us to make a podcast on say, I don't know, Colton's most-hated manga of all-time - Elfen Lied -  now's your chance!


We've reshuffled some of our goals and added a few new ones based on some of the content ideas we came up with! As you know, Vlord and I own every issue of the print run of the North American Shonen Jump, and we've wanted to do a long-form retrospective series highlighting all the goodies contained in every issue. If we reach $300, we'll make this a weekly podcast for your listening pleasure! So if you want to help us shine a spotlight and celebrate the original print Shonen Jump, spread the word and help us achieve this goal!

We've also got some touchstones along the way to $300 - at $50 we'll start up a lifestyle audio blog series on the Patreon where we'll just chat about our lives and the stuff we've been up to, and at $200 we'll start doing a monthly podcast series focused on American comic books! So if you've wanted us to talk about anything besides manga, help us reach these goals and make these podcasts a reality! 


Finally, I'll update you guys on the state of the other Manga Mavericks-adjacent podcasts for this month, namely Manga Fights, @ Movies, and #Lum Squad. If you were to tally the number of podcasts we've released this year:

January - 4 Podcasts: 3 Manga Mavericks, 1 @ Movies
February -  5 Podcasts: 3 Manga Mavericks, 2 @ Movies
March -  7 Podcasts: 5 Manga Mavericks, 2 @ Movies
April - 7 Podcasts:  3 Manga Mavericks, 2 @ Movies, 1 #Lum Squad, 1 Manga Fight (Bonus Pod)

As you can see, we've put out a lot of content! But while we enjoy making all these podcasts, we've been concerned that they've been coming out too frequently and people haven't been able to keep up. I want to make the Patron Bonus Podcasts a worthwhile incentive for fans who want more of our content, and I think we're stretching ourselves too thin if we regularly release more than one podcast a week.

What this means is that we're reducing the amount of our side podcasts for the time being. This is necessary because I'm the one who is solely responsible for recording and editing the side podcasts, and I'm already editing the majority of the main podcast episodes for this month (the Erica Friedman, David Brothers, & Mari Morimoto interviews), which also happen to be some of the longest interviews - running up to 3.5 hours long! But even these last couple of months, I've been editing the majority of the podcasts we've released (4 in March and 5 in April). I'm at max capacity for the amount of work I can do for the show, and while I find it creatively fulfilling I can't let it take time away from working towards my career goals.

So, here are the plans for the side podcasts going forwards:

Manga Fights: While I was hoping to bring back Manga Fights as a regular show after its two-year long hiatus, it's the most time-consuming and editing-intensive show we do. I won't be able to make more episodes until there comes a month where I have less editing responsibilities for the main show and more free time, so sadly it's in limbo for now.

Manga Mavericks @ Movies: We've been keeping a good pace of two episodes a month, but from now on the show is going to be on a monthly schedule. Like with the Bonus pods, the polls to pick which episode we do for the month will be put on hold until we reach over 10 patrons. Instead, I'll keep recording episodes on movies me, Vlord, Vix, and/or Ethan really want to talk about and release them whenever seems like a good fit. The focus will still be on anime films, though don't be surprised if films based on other geeky subjects make the cut if we think it'll make for an entertaining show. The May episode will probably be Detective Pikachu - and the level of hype I have for this film far surpasses anything I could ever feel about Avengers: Endgame! It'll depend on when we record the episode and who I record it with, but right now I'm leaning towards it coming out by Monday, May 27th.

#Lum Squad: No changes from our previous plans! The show will continue to be a monthly Urusei Yatsura podcast hosted by me and AC, and new episodes will generally be released sometime around the middle of every month. I love, LOVE doing this show and would honestly love to do it more often, but keeping it on a monthly schedule works best for both me and AC's schedules. This month's episode will be focused on the Urusei Yatsura anime and will come out by Monday, May 20th.


That's about it! I'm planning to make these posts a regular weekly thing on the Patreon, posted every Sunday or Monday. I suspect most posts generally won't be as long as this one, but there's always something going on with the show so I'm sure there'll be plenty to update you guys about every week!

in the meantime, let us know what you're looking forward to seeing from us this month, and your thoughts on our Patreon restructuring and content release strategy plans. Thank you guys for your support, and here's to hearing more great podcasts from us! ^^

- LumRanmaYasha

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