State of the Patreon Update: Theme Months, WMR Lives, Hitbox
Hey there everyone! It's Chris. It's an update. Let's go!

We had a pretty interesting Halloween month on Weekly Manga Recap. Both manga we picked weren't traditionally horror, but both ended up giving us really good, lengthy discussions. I suppose some might be bummed we didn't choose their particular horror titles, though to be fair Parasyte and Monster were two of our more highly requested Halloween month series.

In the past Nik and I have discussed the idea of alternate theme months. We both loved Naruto-vember last year, and we enjoy Halloween Month in theory, but it's a bit tainted since neither of us really enjoy horror or Halloween. We're grumpy. We have some ideas that we've tossed out for alternate theme months, but feel free to suggest your own. It doesn't have to be related to a holiday or anything--just something interesting. I should also note that Nik was open to the idea of making a read through of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure a theme for 2016. No definite on it, but hey--it would be pretty cool.

The October pods are both done, and our Digimon commentary should go up later today. We've gotten some good feedback on the Weekly Manga Recap Lives episode, and it's something we'll consider doing frequently for our bonus pod if that is the case. It wouldn't be every month of course, but a regular part of the rotation to be sure. For those who are wondering what next month is, the November Bonus Pod will be a review/discussion of Naruto: The Movie: The Last, in the spirit of Naruto-vember! Look forward to it!

Now, those of you who follow me specifically will notice I have been streaming to Hitbox more instead of Twitch. I liked it for game streams since it meant those in the call with me could react to what was happening on screen a lot sooner than anything with Twitch's delay, and as such I'm streaming everything not WMR related over there. However, I'm considering the idea of moving WMR to Hitbox as well. The main reason being is that there are some cool things built into Hitbox that I think can enhance the show. For one, every week during the podcast we can have a running poll above the chat where those listening can vote for their favorite chapter of the week, and said poll could also be changed mid-show to ask questions, gauge opinions on a controversial twist, etc. It's also easier for me to get custom emotes over there I believe, and I've been considering the idea of getting one that basically signals for us to insert a random celebrity impersonation on a character. I had talked about it before, and that list is actually coming together.

Nothing is a definite though, so don't get concerned. I know some people prefer Twitch, and I want those people to make their opinions clear. I only want to make the move if I feel like it will enhance the show. If a shorter delay, viewer polls, and custom emotes sound like something cool, we'll do it. If not, we'll stay put. Also, I know some have noted they prefer Twitch since it auto archives. Hitbox does as well, but I have to actually set a video to be a highlight for the public to see it. It's still possible to do that, but since we will soon be making the transition to video it might be moot since my goal will be to get episodes up on YouTube within 24 hours.

Oh, btw, video soon. I've been testing my camera, and all seems good beyond getting another light for my room. I'll do some test streams with Nik in November, and hopefully we'll be going video in time for the holidays... and I've got some special stuff planned for you guys during that time.

So that's more or less it. Should note that the November Q&A will be next week on Tuesday. Might seem early, but we're trying to space out extra obligations through the month so they don't get crammed in towards the end like they did in October. Plus this should give us the time to get fully caught up--although you're free to still send in any questions.

Hope everyone has a Happy Hal-boo-ween!