State of the Patreon Update: Air Gear Episode, Trollo T Trivia, and the Bleach Radio Play
Hey there, everybody! It's Chris here, with another State of the Patreon Update! Bl-August is coming to a close, and I must say that I have had a ton of fun with all of this month's festivities. We've got just one last episode left, which will be a final episode to discuss Bleach as a whole--with Tekking101 joining us as a special guest. Look forward to it! I will also have my list of the Top 10 Bleach Chapter Titles to go over on the episode. Please note that to handle everyone's schedules, our episode on Wednesday will start closer to 8 PM eastern, so about an hour later than usual.

As one last celebration in our fond farewell to Bleach, we will be releasing the Bleach Christmas Carol podcast we did last year as a bonus podcast. We'll be releasing it for everybody to grab and enjoy--and hopefully you all will. It includes the voice acting talents of ToddInTheShadows, Happy Nick (Nick Kanoza), InfamousPlanet, and plenty more. It was an insanely fun project to write, record, and work on, and I promise you guys that we are looking to do more projects in a similar vein. I will be posting it up later this evening for everyone to grab.

We've gotten a really great reception to the inaugural episode of Trollo T Trivia. A lot of people really enjoyed it, and I can happily say that Nik and myself both had an absolute blast recording it and putting it together. I have begun the brainstorming stage on some new episodes, though I cannot divulge much information on it quite yet. What I will say, is that in the future I will have a way for listeners to have a stake in who wins during the episode, and that we will try to get a variety of contestants, topics, and games to keep the show fresh and exciting. Look forward to it!

Since it might be questioned, I do want to note officially that The Promised Neverland has been picked up by the English version of Jump, and as such it will be added to our recap. It should fill in some of the gap left behind by Bleach and Nisekoi (and it remains to be seen how much longer Fairy Tail and Toriko will be running). There still may be a spot for us to add another series to the recap, but we have not picked anything else to add to the recap quite yet.

Finally, yes, the latest goal has been reached, and an Air Gear episode is on the way. Not immediately, mind you. We're finishing up Blaugust first, and then we need to do an episode on Pokémon Adventures: Gold & Silver. It'll be coming sooner than you'd think, though. I expect the review will come out sometime in September (my sanity permitting). We will be adding new goals to reach beyond the Air Gear review, but for the moment being we aren't going to be adding anything new whilst we are still working through a lot of different activities. August has been a very busy month for us with WMR, and September aims to be just as active.

We've got some really col stuff lined up for you guys. I hope everyone enjoys our final episode of Blaugust, and stay tuned for some returning special guests in September, and the Air Gear review to come.

Pray for Mojo.

- Chris