Greetings everyone! It’s been awhile! For which I heavily apologize.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how best I wanted to utilize Patreon, because I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not good at this sort of thing.

A part of me doesn’t like to get money in this fashion. Mostly because the reward on your guys end has been less apparent. It’s not like going to a store and buying something, you guys are supporting this guy you watch online as he makes videos about animation from a country he doesn’t live in. It just feels different even though you guys have received things from it in the past.

So things had to change, and my mindset has to change. I wanted to begin that change by attempting something with Patreon that I haven’t yet: building my community. Fortunately, I have a decent number of you guys following me on here and for the longest time I don’t think I’ve been the best person on this site for you guys to support. I haven’t updated often, the feed has been quiet, honestly if you aren’t in the higher tiers where I talk to you on a semi-regular basis you probably haven’t heard from me at all these past few months.

That changes today.

I have several changes planned for Patreon, and we are going to do this gradually over time. To start, I added 2 new tiers. One at $3 will allow you to access a new production diary that I am going to be posting to my Patreon feed. It will contain updates, sneak peeks, and others such goodies and info about stuff that I am working on.

The second tier is at $15 and this gives you access to some unlisted videos I’ve thrown on a secondary channel. Specifically these videos are commentaries that I have recorded for the last several videos that I have released. I don’t plan on making a commentary for EVERY video I make, but the bigger ones will for sure have commentaries. Sometimes just me, sometimes with a guest. I hope you find them entertaining and we’ll be working on making those even better as time goes on. 

There will be a 3rd tier added either this weekend or this week for about $5, however the initial content I have planned is not completely ready yet so I’ve decided to hold off on officially launching that tier until then so look forward to that. Until that one drops, enjoy the $3 and $15 tiers as they're available now. :)

With luck this will be a great start to a new chapter of this Patreon, and I hope to continue to have you guys' support as I continue to improve my videos. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in response to this post or any other of the update posts I’ve launched today!

Have a wonderful March everyone, talk to you soon. Until then…

Stay Frosty! [Insert Twitch effect here.]

- Arkada

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