State of the Patrons Address
So, it has been a hectic Summer, and one I'm glad to see is finally coming to a close. (Home improvement in the blistering Texas heat suuucks.)  With that said, I'd like to provide an overview of what's transpired in recent memory.

1st Patreon Anniversary Lottery
You're likely gawking at the really cool illustration heading this post. The artist is Jon Becaro. The player who received this custom, commissioned illustration was our own Mike Miles who has been a diamond patron since the beginning. If you really like the illustration Mike won as part of the lottery, contact the artist via his website (linked above). His rates are very reasonable for the high quality he produces.

The 2017 EPIC 

The epic has begun. It's expected to run no more than two quadrimesters, and will culminate in one hell of a grand finale. Twenty-four players in three different groups are all working toward the same end: to save the megaverse from the Minion War!

Roll 20 Campaigns of Awesomeness!

We've been running three different campaigns in three different settings via the Roll 20 platform for months now, and the players seem to really like their settings and the characters they play. You can find your way to any of these games (schedule here) by simply clicking on the linked game title.

Heroes Unlimited: World War 2, Nazis, Superheroes, Ian Fleming, and gritty realism. What could be better?

Palladium Fantasy: Ogres who think they're well-read, annoying Priests you have to keep alive for the beneficent help of their deity, and wise-cracking Dwarven thieves who are a lot more practical than they sound.

Dead Reign: Zombies, Zombies, and more Zombies...but the deadliest threats in this post-apocalyptic world still have a pulse.

Savage Rifts 

Rifts for Savage Worlds was a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, and  even before the Kickstarter opened, I had purchased the perfect domain name. (Why the heck was I the first one smart enough to do this?) Savage Rifts is growing like a ripe melon in late Summer. Players are having a blast on the site, their Hangouts chat is crazy-active, and the players are strong supporters and Patrons. My hats off to the savvy team who are running the site in my stead.


For all the upside, there is some downside. We hit our goal and landed the 60-Patron Milestone in June, but patronage is down from our peak of sixty patrons to just 54 as of this month's Patreon billing cycle.

Looking forward...

In September I will be conducting community-wide updates regarding Patronage. Your rank and privileges on site will be updated at that time according to your patronage status in September.

I'm also going to be polling the Diamond Patron Community regarding next year's anniversary lottery, so expect to hear from me again soon!