State of the Studio - March 2017
Staying Steady 

We're starting now what is our second month since the return to publication.  The last month has shown a few issues with our production pipeline.  Not major items.  Just that we needed to clean up some tool usage and get myself and Anne back into a regular stand-up process.  I had the extra enjoyment of company taxes this month.  Believe me, that big pile was just a ton of fun that had me not doing creative work for the better part of a week.  That demonstrated the need to flex with the pipeline here and there. 

New Hire 

This month we will be bringing on a new inker.  Jake Isenberg remains with us and we will continue to see his work through out the yet.  But from a production standpoint, we want to have some additional flexibility for when Jake isn't available.  We'll have a more formal announcement on this come the next State of the Studio post. 

Live Drafts 

Live drafts will continue at one per week for a total of four this month.  Release day will remain on Mondays.  We will finish out the first chapter of Project Harvest. 

FarLight Saga Web Comic 

The FarLight Saga Web Comic will also be continuing with one page per week.  Though since there will be five Wednesdays this month, we will have five pages in total going out.  We will end up finishing out The Archivist Prologue. 

Closing Thoughts 

Getting through this first month is in the grand scheme of things, not that big of a deal.  But for having been on such a long break, the kind that most productions never return to, this first month is a big win.  The next goal is getting through the first quarter.  One step at a time.  We got through this one.  Now it's on to the next and then the next and the next.  At some point, we will know, and you will know, that we are back for good.  I hope both be worthy of, and to earn your support in that process.


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