The State of This Patreon as of April 2018

Hello everyone!  Here is the monthly state of Ghost + Town!

Income and Spending

Income to date: $102

Expenses thus far:

$3 to support Patreons

$26 for webcam

$20 1st piece of original art 

I have decided that one ethical thing I can do is to support other Patreons with a small portion of my proceeds.  Being a smaller-time artist is tough and there are some great ones here.  I am also supporting people with an eye toward perhaps being able to call upon their talents privately in the future.


I am going to be working with the man behind Tank Ferret Art for original pieces for Ghost + Town.  The first general piece turned out just how I wanted it and we have worked well together.  Wes is a college buddy, a veteran, and a hard working guy.  We are currently in talks over the custom piece I would like for Chapter 1 and I had to explain very little to him; he seems to envision it much like I do, naturally.  We are also nailing down the price for such a work, since it will be more intricate and he deserves to be paid well.


At the end of this month, I am due to produce and release the ebook copy of my second chapter; it will be released to patrons via email.  I learned a good bit while putting together the first chapter, so I hope to make it look good and have a slightly easier time.  I am working between Google Docs and calibre for now, both of which are free.   


I have added a new goal for the project, based on my talks with Wes: 

Once I reach $60 a month, I will get a premium deviantArt membership and begin offering the original art for Ghost + Town in print through their  service.  Wes has already given permission to use his original pieces for the project in this way, and I am frankly excited to have his art for my stories on my walls.  A dA premium membership is $5 a month, and gives access to their printing services, which do much of the work for you.  Since I am still quite busy with the Day JobTM and Real LifeTM, this seems like the best way to fulfill requests.

I am thinking setting an $80 goal to begin working with Alyssa Faden, a wonderful cartographer, on the first map of my fictional setting, which will likely be a thematic overview of Kismet County.  It will take more than $80 to enlist her amazing services, but she is totally worthwhile and I would love to see what she can do with it.

Open to Suggestions

If you have any feedback or suggestions to make, including artists or other knowledgeable people to suggest, please do.  You can always email me or leave a comment here.