A State of the Union
So, I've been trying to look at my scheduling and my workload for awhile because I'd been pretty good with my updates and my work with my first round of writing, and after some thinking, I've come to realize something:

I can't do three fics at once as of right now.

Not because I don't want to, mind you, but seriously...I don't have time for anything at all. Not to complain, since I have a great job and a great husband and a great house, but apparently marriage means that we're always busy? Which is better than being bored, but still. 

I think that as of right now, I'm going to cut down on my fics and focus on one at a time, just so you guys get the regular updates that you deserve while I also have enough time to give them the quality and content that they deserve as stories.

For now, I'm going to have Where the Wicked Walk as my first fic to focus on; followed by Ill Intentions, then The Unquiet Grave. It will still be a once a week update, but I think that one will give me enough time to edit, tweak, and move it about as needed so that it's not only updated but I feel like it's my best work. :)

I know that it's probably incredibly annoying, seeing as how I'd started all three at once, but I didn't realize that this promotion would become so time consuming! My first slew of fics were all written/edited/posted at once with no problem, but that was with about 28-32 hours a week (with three days off per week) at work as opposed to a solid 40 now (with only two days off), as well as a 40 minute commute to work/then back (the commute before I'd moved was...8 mins).

I honestly appreciate all of y'alls support, though, as you've given me so much motivation and love that I want to give you the quality of writing that you deserve to read! I thought to tell you first, since you guys are my MVP and all :) But I had to be honest with myself, otherwise I'd get stressed and none of us are doing this to be stressed out. Writing is an outlet for me, a way to really stretch my brain and share all of the thoughts and ideas flowing through my mind, and I don't want that to change.

Thank you so much!