State of the union - Hello 2014
Wow you guys! This is so great, exciting, liberating - I've reached $50 a completed work from 8 patrons here, AND I have my first check in the mail! My goal for 2013 was 10 patrons, but I ain't complaining here no siree, and with how well this experiment is going I honestly feel it's only a matter of a little more time: I gotta say, that's such a nice feeling. Many hands make for light work, and your contributions are making a huge difference for me. Thanks so much for playing along and supporting me in doing this stuff! It's because of you guys I can focus more and more of my efforts on doing what I love. That money from my first check is going toward purchasing tiny round frames, so I can display and sell my popular tiny pen and ink drawings at my - get this - PERMANENT display wall at Scratch Deli! YES! I was invited to keep one of the three walls I have been displaying on since October when it came time to take my stuff back. Additionally, we're talking about my putting on a full fledged music show there, after having been going to the open mic periodically for a few months. That's likely to happen somewhere in March or April, in conjunction with at least one other house show. BAM, BITCHEZ! Also new for this year, not only am I making more art and improving like WHOA (I might even be capable of drawing non-sucky human arms by February), I am selling more art too! A friend made an offer I couldn't refuse on one of my sketches from my book, 4 of the 5 bloodwork pieces I made for Twilight Art in West Seattle sold, I've sold two pieces from Scratch and one from my Broadcast coffee showing. HOLY FUCKBALLS PEOPLE. That, my friends, means that I have sold at least one piece of work from EVERY PLACE I'VE SHOWN in 2013 (except OKGallery, which was only one big painting with no price and only for one day)! WOOO! Shit's getting real here, and I'm totally stoked to be sharing all this good stuff with you. December was a very slow month production-wise, you may have noticed I only had one completed work (MY FIRST HOUSE SHOW). Now that I'm back into my Seattle groove after Island Time followed me home, you can expect the usual flow again of my own brand of snark, wisdom and fuckin ART. Take care of you, -nee
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