The State of the Union Except It's Actually About Webcomics
So, what have I been up to the the past few months?

First off, I wish this post weren't necessary. In recent months, I've mostly either had my head down drawing or I've been running around trying to take care of other people. I should make a better effort to keep followers of my work informed with what's going on with me, but I'm easily distracted. I've been putting this off since November, haha!

Wonderlust is coming along! I finally have the first chunk of pages done, some of which I've shown off already. The new scene I wrote to kick the story off ended up being extremely labor-intensive, since it takes place in a classroom with about 20 people in it. I was also learning a lot of new tricks and tools in Manga Studio 5 as I went along. All that to say that it took a lot longer to finish than I thought it would. I'm working on getting the actual website put together and polished for the big launch, which should be sometime in the next few weeks. I'll post further details when I have them!

I've also picked up some part-time work assisting Jojo, Hiveworks co-CEO, after his move back to Minneapolis. That took up a large chunk of both October and November, but it's slowed down a good bit since.

The new part-time job did also 100% coincide with Girlbot dropping off with no announcement. I got overwhelmed, and Girlbot was lowest priority of the things I was working on. The comic isn't canceled, of course! I'll return to it as soon as I can, but that depends on when I can start making enough money to hire a colorist/flatter with my comics. The art on Girlbot in particular has just become too laborious to give it the attention it needs, especially when I'm also worried about Wonderlust starting up.

Oh, and anthologies! I just got an auto-bio story in the recently printed Secret Loves of Geek Girls anthology, and I'm plugging away at my sci-fi story for Enough Space for Everyone Else, which is coming along great! But as of right now, I've shown all of those that I can because of restrictions on republishing the material. I'll be sure to post everywhere about it when the Enough Space Kickstarter goes live!

I've also started streaming, which I need to make super official. Right now, I want the regular time to be Wednesdays at 7pm Central. I think that shouldn't conflict with much of anything, but if anyone has issue with it, lemme know! I've been streaming in the "Creative" section on Twitch, so this is where you'll find me.

That about covers everything! Thanks for sticking with me, guys! I'm always working and planning. The best way to get a feed on what I'm doing in the moment is to follow my Twitter if you haven't already.

Please feel free to leave comments for me, which I'll do my best to respond to!