State of the Union - July
I don't know how to put into words how grateful I am that all of you came together to save my life. That's not hyperbole, I don't think.

Let me illustrate.

July's payout came today. After all my bills were paid--and my school loans haven't come due yet--I have around... $5 left. That doesn't include any grocery money. It also requires me paying down my credit cards and then putting my bills on those same cards, because I couldn't do it any other way. I have dodged the proverbial bullet. I have narrowly avoided getting run over by a train. Whatever you want to call it.

From now until November, I can barely get by.

I don't know how I'm going to be able to buy video games, which I need to buy in order to write relevant material and work. That's out of the picture now. Food stamps are low--I have $110 left this month, which is one shopping trip's worth of food--and I've been supplementing it every month with my own money. I no longer have that opportunity.

So when I tell you I'm grateful, I hope you understand the full weight of my gratefulness. Without you, I could not have survived. Without you, I would be out on the street. Without you, I don't even know if I would be alive. I am in a really bad situation, and I am not sure there is any easy way out.

My health is bad, my body's pretty much shot, I'm running on fumes. I am struggling to stay alive. If any one of you had elected not to support me, poof, gone, I'd be done for. That is how much you mean to me. That is what you have done for me. Without a single one of you, bam. Everything gone.

My roommate has an interview tomorrow, so fingers crossed he gets a job, but if he does, then his first paycheck isn't likely to come until after bills are due in August, based on how long it takes to get your first paycheck from a new job, in my experience. I wish I could get medical treatment so I could pick up another part time job or something. I don't know.

I'm not crying, but I'm close.  You saved me.

In other news, I made a YouTube video called "Why Horror is Scarier With Weapons" that has 6,700+ views. Amazing for a first time, I think. Lots of stuff I think I could do better. Working on a new script now. Trying to get some freelance stuff out, but I'm running low on ideas.

If you wouldn't mind sharing the video and/or the Patreon, I'd appreciate it. I'd love to hit that $1,000/mo goal. That would cover everything that absolutely must be covered. $1,200 should be enough to help me get by without worrying quite as much. $1,500 would let me go get a bit of medical help.

I am super grateful for what you've done so far. I can't really put it into words.