Status: 29 March 2020; COVID-19

I have been sick for the past week and a half.  I have not been tested but the symptoms are consistent with the covid-19.   The severity of the of the symptoms was very mild; the worst part is just the absolute draining of desire to get any work done.

Because I believe that the COVID-19 will lead to a very strong world wide depression, I will be lowering the patron tiers to help out my patrons.  I will make the change in the system  along with video announcement next weekend.  I'm just shooting you this short message so you can change your contributions before the April 1 billing cycle.  The new tiers will be 

public supporter $2 - 4 : all public announcement and status

Patron Passenger $5: All EM technical videos 

Patron First class $10: All EM PDFs; Spread sheets;  Plus executables 

 Patron Engineer $15: Ethereal mechanics related software source code 

Patron Bridge Officer $20: Voting rights; bridge officer meetings (we need to schedule one).  Ability to contact me.  -- I would like to add more benefits to this -- let me know if you have ideas 

If you want to support this project at your present contribution levels I would be greatly appreciative.  

These lowered levels are in effect until further notice.

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