Status Update 2017-02
I haven't done a status update in a while, so I figured I'd crack my knuckles and get to it!  Even though there've been a lot of rewards since the last update,  I'll just stick to 2017- Jan/Feb

 In Patron news, we hit the $100 level! Thank you all very much!  The reward for helping Skitter reach that level is a Skitter wallpaper for your computers.  I'll get on that ASAP! 

Also in Patreon news are the new rewards for the $5, and $10 tiers.  $5 pledges get a caricature drawn of themselves by me, and $10 gets you a cameo appearance in a Skitter comic strip! So far 3 patrons have taken advantage of that reward and are featured in a Skitter comic strip.

In other news, the new Skitter flyers have hit the streets.  I've sent a bunch of signed copies to fans who promised to pass them out to their friends.  If you'd like some as well, just let me know.

Now lets detail what rewards patrons received, broken down by tier:

$0 public... everyone got...

NEWS: Rodney's Flyers! , Rodney Comic!My iPad , Mike and Rhiannon flyers! , Matt flyers! , Sargoun Flyers! Skitter Flyers are mailed! , Skitter Flyers Shipped! , Skitter Flyers! ,  Skitter Covention Banner ,  Skitter Convention Display Video , Skitter Flyers! Comic Strip Artist Magazine! ,  iWatch Skitter , Skitter Mug , Caricatures 

FAN ART:  Gabor , Tyler , Kelsey 

PAINTINGS: Maria 4 , Maria 2 , Maria 

VIDEOS: Luna Discusses Skitter: "Help" 

BIRTHDAYS: Matt K , Jasper P , Rodney X 


$1+ patrons... you guys got...

COMICS: "Bug Size" , "Temptation" , "Relativity ", "Orlando" , "Safedrug" , "Kung Fu Master" , "The Skitter Zone" , "Play Doh" , "Malta" , "Double Cross" , "Help" ,  "Potty Break" ,  "Shoo Fly" ,  "Flies Of War" ,  "Dada" , "Name" ,  and "Maggots"

AVATARS: 2017-02-09 

MOVIE REVIEWS: "John Wick 2" 

PATREON EXCLUSIVES: Original Satan drawing 


$2+ patrons... you guys got...

PENCILS: "Bug Size" , 2017-02-19 , 2017-02-12 , "Malta" , "Potty Break" , 2017-01-15  , "Dada" , "Name" ,  "Maggots"

WIPs: "Bug Size" , 2017-02-19 , 2017-02-12 , "Malta" ,  "Double Cross" , "Potty Break" , 2017-01-15 , "Dada" , "Name"

CARICATURES: Ryan David Bush, Jasper P's kids, Matt K , I still owe one to Sargoun H.


$5+ patrons... you guys got...

WIP VIDEOs: "Flies Of War" "Dada" , "Maggots"


 $10+ patrons... you guys got... 

300 DPI DIGITAL COPY OF A COMIC: Rodney X: "Malta" , Jasper P (Still gotta send it to him): "The Skitter Zone"

PATRONS FEATURED IN A COMIC:  Rodney X in "Malta" , Jasper P's kids in "The Skitter Zone" 

Again, thank you all for being Skitter fans!  More stuff is on the way in March!


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