Status Update! (05-25-16)
Good news folks!

I managed to trick my desktop monitor into cooperating with me back on Sunday and I spent the time between then and now catching up with everything that I'd been unable to complete due to being unable to access my PC. I still have a bunch of stuff to do but I'll have until this next Sunday before I have to worry about the Monitor crapping out on me again.

(I know that is when I'll lose the monitor because that is as long as I will leave the PC on 24/7 in order to eek out as much time on the computer as possible).

In order to prepare for the planned PC Blackout, I've been going through the photos I took throughout the month and cropping/cleaning up like crazy so I can upload enough photos to continue posting via the laptop (as annoying as that particular process is). I've also made category banners so that you can know at a glance what kind of photos the latest post has in it.

Although, you can probably expect those banners to be revised a time or two as I fiddle with them to make the cropped views that Patreon automatically uses for the revolving post view page look a little more aesthetically pleasing. Since right now, the cropped views cut off at least 2/3's of the banners.

Next, I spent most of today going through all of the posts I've made here on Patreon to date in order to edit out my little mistakes and clean up the posts so that they look cleaner. The only post I did not have time to get done today was my very first post containing May's Newsletter. I intend to clean that post up sometime tomorrow after I've taken a break from staring at the screen.

Lastly, one of my wonderfully amazing fans from FFN offered me their spare monitor and I took them up on it. We've mostly ironed out the details and once I've raised the funds to cover the shipping (which will fall somewhere between $25.00 & $60.00), they'll ship it out to me. I hope to have the monitor show up sometime at the beginning of next month but I'll have to wait until my reader returns from their vacation.

I'll be sure to post an update once I have an exact ship date.