Status Update: Health, and Trigger
My health is recovering and my functionality is improving. However there are still additional problems that need to be tested for, beyond the sinus infection. Wish me luck going forward that this gets resolved and I get back to a clean bill of health and a more regular schedule of content releases. In the meantime, I am gearing up to crowdfund an artist for Trigger. The game has been mostly complete for months, but I have had difficulty securing an artist. I previously had a volunteer artist, working for free on the game as I was, but they could no longer commit. A replacement artist will have to be paid for their work, which I'm excited to do. This will be my first crowdfunding campaign, and it's for a good cause. Trigger tells an important story and I can't wait to get it out there for the world to see. When the campaign is up and running I'll be sure to let you know all about it. Trigger is a commercial release, so it won't be Patron-funded. However, all my Patrons will receive a free copy of the game as thanks for your ongoing support! More news as things develop.
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