Alright patrons! I just wanted to update you all on my current status, and thank you since your pledges have already been a huge help!

Over the last couple days I made the journey north from my hometown in California all the way up to the Seattle area. I'm currently staying with some friends in their living room in the Renton area. I'll be leaving for Trotcon in 4 days, hopefully I can raise some decent money there. After I get back from that, I'll be spending the next couple weeks preparing for Bronycon and looking around for potential roommates in the Seattle area (if you know anybody, let me know).

So what does this all mean? Well it means that my life is kind of crazy right now, but I'm doing my best to get some stability soon, and Patreon has been a HUGE help with that! So thank you! Because of your support, if I get a small part-time job, I'll be able to afford rent with some extra to save up for a rainy day. That means a lot to me.

It also means that, at least until after Bronycon, I'm going to be doing my absolute best to juggle a lot of important things at once. Patreon is one of those things. I will do everything I can to fulfill all the rewards and goals starting in August, but in the months following that it should get even better and more consistent. So thanks a ton again! I have a quick WIP print design to show you all after this. Hopefully it'll be ready in time for Trotcon! 

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