I'm still pretty busy with actually playing the game, which cuts into the time I work on WeakAuras. Still, in the last two weeks I spent a ~5h to fix a few more bugs. Everytime I fix a number of bugs and we do another WeakAuras release, we get new bugs reports. Sometimes those are regressions that a bug fix introduced, but in most cases the bug must have existed for ages. It seems, that doing regular bug fix releases makes people actually report the issues they have. And since I actually care about bugs, that delays working on new features... Anyway, next Monday is a public holiday here, which I'm intending to work on a few more bugs.

In the last two weeks I fixed:

  • Fixed how frame levels in groups worked, more details are below.
  • Fixed a issue with dynamic groups where auras would end up "orphaned" and no longer be properly positioned.
  • Fixed the load conditions for the "Rune of Power"  template
  • Slighly changed how circular progress textures work, hopefully fixing a small chance of flickering.
  • Fixed a memory leak in how animation functions work

I want to expand a bit on how frame levels in groups work. There are actually two concepts that WoW uses to decide whether a frame is above or below another frame.

There are the frame stratas, which are e.g. "Background", "Low", "Medium", "High", etc. which you can configure those for each aura. In addition to that, all frames on each frame have a frame level. Frames with a higher frame level are above frames with a lower frame level.

WeakAuras automatically assigns frame levels to the auras in a group so that those that are later in the list get frame levels higher than those before. Now, before Legion assigning frame levels to frames didn't actually work all the time due to bugs in how WoW treated frame levels. And additionally there were a few bugs in how that was implemtened.

I've cleaned that up now, and it should now always work.