So in the last few weeks, I've continued to chip away at the todo list for Conditions. I think the first version should be ready for testing "soonish". 

Now my plan was to spend the whole last week working on it, but mostly due to my own fault that didn't happen. More about that later.

I want to highlight a small feature that I added around two weeks ago to WeakAuras. If a aura has a embedded "URL", there's now a new action "Copy URL" in the context menu . Every aura exported from in the last two weeks embedds such a "URL". So if you ever forgotten from where you got your auras, this should make it easier. At least if you imported them from There's no ui to set the url, but other websites should be able to add it too. Thanks to ora for swiftly implementing that for 

Apart from that I broke everyone's auras in 2.3.2. So we rapidly released 2.3.3 which regressed other auras. Thus it was followed by 2.3.4, which had another bug and finally 2.3.5. That took quite a bit of work. The details of that are not that interesting.

The next weekend, I'm planning to write a post on what plans outside of the conditions I have for WeakAuras in 2017 and otherwise work on getting the conditions feature ready for a alpha release. I don't think I'll finish that on the next weekend, but it isn't that much more work.