Status update for the week of December 12, 2016...
There's only one bit of news that I have for you this week and it's that after almost a month of dead ends and bouts of writer's block, I have made significant progress on a portion of the Lost Luggage sample campaign.  Once again I apologize for it taking longer than I would have liked but once you see how i'm laying out this campaign you will know exactly what i'm going for and I'm sure you'll find it quite entertaining.

Once I release this campaign (BTW it'll be a 'beta version', it won't be final), I do look forward to hearing your feedback on it and hear your suggestions on how to improve on it because as I said earlier I want this campaign to be a template on how campaigns in RoNIN will play out with an open ended, quasi-sandbox feel.

That's all for now and if I make any significant progress i'll post it right here.