StatusReport gone wild ♨️
I don't even know where to start on this one.

It all goes back to me searching for a good selfhosted solution for a statuspage, and I found some of those, but none of them really worked well for me. Some had hidden fees, some required you to manually rebuild stuff on each update, etc.

And what do you do, when nothing suits your needs? Exactly! Build your own thing! And I did. After a day and a night of work, here's what I got

And I think it looks pretty neat! Even better - it works solely on client side and can be deployed on github-pages by simply forking the source repo ! How cool is that?

Try it yourself and tell me if it works for you

Ofcourse it's not the end and I will continue to update and modify it, but it's already at the stage, when I'm comfortable releasing it for the public.

Hope it will make your own statuspage hosting a little bit easier :)

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