Staves for a new job.
To help finding a new job, and to aid during a job interview. Create a amulet pouch from a natural fabric dyed red, and paint the staves onto this. Fill the pouch with an equal amount of Lavender, Bay Laural and St. John's Wort. Depending on what job you are applying for, ass an equal amount of the following: Job in Psychology, Healthcare, Teaching or Healing, add Poppy or Jasmine. 

Job in Traveling, Transportation, Management or Law, add Dandelion or Agrimony. Job in Communication, IT, Speech or Writing, add Majoram or Mint. Job in Nature, Agriculture or Forresting, add Marigold or Sunflower; also use a green fabric instead of red. 

Once done, add a drop of your own blood and Carrying the pouch with you, while you are job hunting, and when you go to interviews. (This won't make jobs drop into your lap, so you still need to get out there) Once the amulet have served it's purpose, say your thanks to it, and toss it from a bridge, over your left shoulder, and don't look back. 


P.s. Thanks to Miss. Druehyld, for pointing out the correct combination of herbs for the amulet.