stay cool out there!! 🌞🍹

what a nice month june was... UNTIL IT WASN'T!!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞 it is hot hot hot. please wear sunscreen! even if you're gonna be out for 10 minutes! that's all it takes for you to turn into a crispy critter, speaking from experience...πŸ”₯😲 πŸ”₯Β 

so, last month didnt see a whole lot of new art progress -- it ended up being a very busy and tiring month for me personally, but it looks like clear sailing from here! one thing i did end up accomplishing was uploading a lot of old art to my blog!! it was looking kinda dusty and sad over there so i released a handful of old wallpapers as well as a couple twitter avatars i made for friends during the month.Β 

and just as a li'l (obvious) reminder, from now on i'll be sending rewards and doing the monthly post on the 5th of each month, to allow for extra time for patreon to process your stuff. this isn't really something i have any control over, regrettably, so i'm just adjusting to the random delays as best i can.

that's all that's new on my front! starting to have an upswing in energy again so i'm looking forward to getting back into the routine and enjoying these looong sunny days. thank you all for your patronage, patience, and support all these years! πŸΉπŸ˜—

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