The fastest way to failure is to be distracted. Distractions are defined as: A thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. Or... extreme agitation of the mind or emotions.

The latter part of that definition "extreme agitation of the mind or emotions" strikes me as something interesting. 1. Who wants to give in to something that creates this emotion within them regularly? And 2. If powerful people... government and organizations know this (they do and pay people well to learn about it) than could that not be used as a weapon against others? 

As I see people imploding everywhere around me over a plethora of political and social issues... the only thing that is abundantly clear (because these topics are complex, explosive and definitly not clear) is that people are paying less and less attention to their own lives. 

It doesn't matter if it is or isn't happening... what matters is that it "could" happen... and that makes amazing humans like you and I a target. 

Who benefits from a distracted mass? Those in power. Plain and simple. Those not in power ALWAYS lose in that equation... yet they fight viscously like they have a chance to win. 

What has me asking the bigger question is... why? 

Why are people so willing to feed their obsession with what distracts them... yet are falling short on the things that will inevitably make their lives better? Why are they so willing to hand over their attention to things that remove them from their own powerful presence in this universe. 

We have to stop pretending that we don't have the power within us. We have to stop acting like their worth means more than our own personal worth. We have to refrain from backing something other than our own passion projects and much need glorious gifts in this world. 

But here we are... distracted.

What you place attention on... grows. It's called momentum... it's a simple physics lesson that doesn't just pertain to things of matter... but also of things of energy. 

As you set to ensure you have a kick-ass week... ask yourself how much you will tolerate distractions. A media pulling you away from your heart-felt opinions. A nasty person... pulling you away from your amazing work. A politician... pulling you away from your brilliant fucking idea... An entertainment ploy... luring you from what makes you so damn entertaining. 

You are so much more than any of that. So... stop acting like you are an insignificant player in this universe... and go make some crazy cool shit happen for fuck sake!